Wrapturous Adventure

Wrapturous Adventure is a BDSM porn game in which you'll have to free yourself, tied up, from the clutches of the pharaoh and his faithful and naughty servants.

Wrapturous Adventure
Reviewed Version 1.35 Demo
Developer Mr. Wrapture (and others) (Patreon,
OS Windows
Language English
Engine Unreal Engine

Download Wrapturous Adventure


Wrapturous Adventure can be downloaded for free in its current unfinished state. You can get the latest version by supporting the developer on Patreon.


You play a captured treasure hunter named Yui. When you tried to steal the Pharaoh's treasures from her tomb, you got caught. As punishment, you were mummified and imprisoned. To escape from the tomb, you must find a way out and sneak past the pharaoh and her servants.

Wrapturous Adventure Intro


The BDSM theme is strongly integrated in Wrapturous Adventure. Not only the graphics, but also the animations and elements of the gameplay are involved. You control Yui with the keyboard. However, she moves very sluggishly, since she's almost completely tied up. Her interaction options with the environment are also very limited as a result. Enemies cannot be fought. Yui must either avoid them or hide from them.

When Yui gets caught by an opponent, Yui will lose one health point and you get to see a lewd BDSM scene. When Yui loses all 5 health points, the game is over. But there is also a mode where Yui has infinite life points.

Wrapturous Adventure Gameplay

The stages of the game are divided into individual short sections. In most sections, Yui must solve a puzzle or find an item. To activate certain doors or things, Yui must sometimes have a scarab of a certain color. These serve as a sort of key and can be found during the game.

Once you find the exit, you have completed the stage and move on to the next one. In the demo version played, there are 3 stages in total.

My Opinion on Wrapturous Adventure

Wrapturous Adventure convinced me not only because of the graphics and animations, but also because of the gameplay. The helplessness of the tied-up Yui is expressed very well - as a player you really feel it.

The puzzles have a pleasant level of difficulty. There is a lot of variety due to the different enemies and a lot of high-quality lewd content.

Wrapturous Adventure Slave Girl

The game is currently still in development and the developers have ambitious goals. I'm already looking forward to the next release.

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