What if Your Girl Was a Frog?

A frog that falls in love with you and then turns into a beautiful girl who craves your cock. If this sounds interesting to you, then you should try this puzzle game.

What if Your Girl Was a Frog
Reviewed Version Final
Developer Hunny Bunny Studio (Steam)
OS Windows
Language English + 13 others
Engine Other

Download What if Your Girl Was a Frog

Unfortunately, the game is officially only available for download on Steam.


You are on your way home on a rainy day. You are sad and have no hope that your life will get better soon. But everything changes when a frog watches you and can't take his eyes off you. Love at first sight. The frog sneaks into your backpack and comes home with you. While you are lying on your bed, tired and soaked, a frog wizard suddenly appears. He turns the frog in your backpack into a sexy frog girl who can think of nothing but having sex with you.

What if Your Girl Was a Frog intro


Unfortunately, the game turns out to be a simple puzzle. (The story is almost too good for that.) There are 12 levels, each of which requires you to arrange puzzle pieces correctly so that you can see the entire animated picture. The puzzles are fairly simple, a reasonably skilled player will be done with them in about 15 minutes.

What if Your Girl Was a Frog puzzle gameplay

My Opinion on What if Your Girl Was a Frog

The story is definitely something different - my interest was quickly piqued and I was then at least not completely disappointed. Not much can be said about the gameplay - the same boring puzzle with 12 different pictures. Not great. But I really liked the frog girl. Even if there are unfortunately only a few pictures of her in action. The illustrations and animations save the game for me.

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