If you're looking for a porn game with a long and captivating story featuring high-quality animations, then Treasure of Nadia is the right game for you. Treasure of Nadia is a free 2D RPG porn game that you can download for free. It's available for Android, Windows, macOS, and even Linux.

Treasure of Nadia

Treasure of Nadia was developed by NLT Media and is the follow-up to their game called Lust Epidemic.

Reviewed Version Release v1.0112
Developer NLT Media (Pateron, Itch.io)
OS Android, Windows, macOS, Linux
Language English
Engine Rpg Maker

Download Treasure of Nadia

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An older version of Treasure of Nadia can be downloaded for free. You can download the game from this page for all platforms including the Android APK file. The free version of Treasure of Nadia can also be played online on Newgrounds.

If you want to download the latest version of Treasure of Nadia, then I suggest subscribing to the developer's Patreon. There you'll receive the most recent download links.


You'll play Henry, a young college student who must return to his hometown of Cape Vedra for the funeral of his father, the famous treasure hunter Idaho Johnson. He decides to stay in Cape Vedra for a while and eventually becomes a treasure hunter himself. But something is not right in Cape Vedra. The sudden interest of the richest treasure hunter in the world in the town seems strange. Also, strange pirate medallions have been discovered in the park. Not to mention the sudden disappearance of the town's priest.


The gameplay is very close to a classic 2D RPG. There is an overview map from which you can reach all parts of the town. At the beginning of the game, only a small area is accessible, but this quickly changes as you continue with the game. There is also an inventory and crafting system, and you can save the game at any time. Dialogue with other characters is mostly text-based - some small parts are voiced. There are many animated lewd 3D cutscenes of high quality.

Treasure of Nadia Tasha

I was able to get on with the story very quickly, as there are no really difficult puzzles to solve. Usually, it's just about finding and crafting some items. If you get stuck somewhere, you simply use your "soul crystal" (an item you inherit from your father at the beginning of the game) and it tells you what to do next.

Besides the main story, there are other things to discover in Treasure of Nadia. There is a fishing mini-game where you get paid to catch a certain type of fish. To be successful, you'll need good timing and the right bait. You can also go treasure hunting in the park and sell your finds afterward. With the money, you'll be able to continue the story or renovate and equip your house.

In the game, there are 12 beautiful women with whom Henry has sex in different ways throughout the story. Once he gets their phone numbers, he can call them at any point of the game and arrange a sex date at Henry's house. The date will succeed if the house is sufficiently renovated and decorated.

My Opinion on Treasure of Nadia

I'm not usually a big fan of 2D role-playing games, but I couldn't stop playing Treasure of Nadia. The quality and quantity of this game are impressive. It took me more than 20 hours to finish the story, while the cutscenes got better and better, reaching a climax at the end. After completing the story, there were even more things to discover and collect.

Treasure of Nadia Claire

But it's not only the high-quality cutscenes that made this game enjoyable for me but also its story. It starts off a bit boring, but then quickly becomes exciting and offers some unexpected twists.

One of the things I didn't like about this game is the crafting system. There is exactly one place in the game where you can craft items (at least at the beginning of the game). This means that you have to run to this place whenever you want to craft something. And what's worse, you can't take the crafting recipes with you. So you have to remember them or write them down somewhere - or use my list of all crafting recipes available. I know that might not sound too bad, but it gets annoying after a while. Also, it's very inconvenient to select items from the inventory while crafting. The inventory list is very small and annoying to navigate - at least if you have a lot of items.

The pathfinding in the game is not yet fully developed. Henry can get stuck at an obstacle between his starting position and the selected destination. Fortunately, most maps are designed so that this problem does not occur.

Despite these points, this is an amazing game that I will certainly play again.

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