Treasure of Nadia

Treasure of Nadia: Unlimited Money Cheat

With this simple Treasure of Nadia Money Cheat you can have unlimited money. You will never have to hunt talismans again! All you need to do is install this plugin for the game. It's quite simple.

Money Cheat Plugin Installation

I suggest creating a backup of your Treasure of Nadia game folder. If something goes wrong during the installation then you can restore your backup copy.

  1. Download the plugin from GitHub
  2. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file
  3. Open the unzipped folder and navigate to the folder "Cheat_Menu"
  4. Copy the folder "www" directly into the folder of Treasure of Nadia (where the Game.exe file is)
  5. Open the file "www/js/plugins.js" in the folder of Treasure of Nadia in an editor
  6. Add the following line as the second to last line in the "plugins.js" file
    {"name":"Cheat_Menu", "status":true, "description":"", "parameters":{}}
  7. Make sure that now the third last line ends with a comma (,) Treasure of Nadia money cheat plugin installation
  8. Save the file

Treasure of Nadia Money Cheat Usage

Treasure of Nadia unlimited money cheat plugin
  1. Load a save game or start a new game
  2. Press key "1" - the cheat menu should appear now
  3. Navigate the category with keys "2" and "3" until "Variables" is selected
  4. Navigate the variable with keys "6" and "7" until "Money" is selected
  5. Increase your account balance with "9", you can adjust the step size with "4" and "5"
  6. As soon as you have enough money you can close the cheat menu with "1"
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