The Last Romantic

In The Last Romantic we find ourselves in the classic porn game situation: a young unsuccessful nerd with a huge dick lives with his hot aunt in a fancy house in the suburbs. Plus, of course, the single yoga neighbor Milf and the hot ex-girlfriend. The Last Romantic is a prono game that makes you feel like you've somehow played it before, yet you enjoy it every time.

The Last Romantic
Reviewed Version 0.01
Developer mensh (Patreon,
OS Windows, macOS, Android
Language English
Engine RenPy

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For a small amount of money you can buy the game from the developer on Patreon or However, at the moment the game is still in development and you won't get a finished game for your money. But if you want to support the developer in his work, then this is surely the right way.


The story of The Last Romantic is quickly told: You're a loser and you still live with your aunt. You were supposed to go to college, but some unfortunate events in the past prevented you from doing so. Now you've been sitting around at home playing video games for a year.

The hot tutor in The Last Romantic

When your aunt decides to help you and hire a (very hot) tutor for you, everything changes. To prepare you for the college entrance exam, she motivates you in a very naughty way: depending on how well you do on the practice exam, she rewards you with various sexual favors. From handjobs to "you can do whatever you want with me", it's all there.

The hot tutor's boobs in The Last Romantic

But the sexy tutor didn't just get you motivated to study: suddenly all the women (including your ex-girlfriend) around you are making you insanely horny and you're trying to seduce them.


The Last Romantic is a sandbox visual novel with familiar elements. You'll be able to move freely in your aunt's house and in different places in the city. There you'll encounter different characters with whom you can interact. Each character has its own story and you'll have to solve small quests to advance. There is also a turn-based combat system in the game - but this is rather marginal in the current state of the game.

Your neightbour in The Last Romantic

There is a computer in your room that can be used for various activities. On the one hand, you can study for your exams, buy items and earn some money online. You can only do a certain number of activities per day - after that it's night and you need to sleep.

My Opinion on The Last Romantic

The visuals and animations in The Last Romantic look good so far. The story is certainly not a highlight, but it's okay. Unfortunately, most of the quests in the game are designed to be a grind. For example, you have to perform the same activities for days on end in order to progress in some storylines.

Your aunt in The Last Romantic

The game is not finished yet and is in an early stage of development. Unfortunately, it therefore still has some bugs, which do not make playing impossible, but somewhat tedious.

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