Those who enjoyed the sun and beach feeling of Treasure of Nadia will now have to prepare for a somewhat colder climate. Because the next game from the developer NLT-Media called The Genesis Order is set in a gloomy city in the middle of nowhere.

The Genesis Order

The story of The Genesis Order takes place after Treasure of Nadia, but it is not a direct sequel to it. So if you haven't played Treasure of Nadia yet, you'll still enjoy The Genesis Order. All those who know Treasure of Nadia will recognize some familiar characters and elements.

Reviewed Version Release v.19032
Developer NLT Media (Patreon,
OS Android, Windows, macOS, Linux
Language English
Engine Rpg Maker

Download The Genesis Order

Download Play Online

An older version of The Genesis Order can be downloaded for free. You can download the game from this page for all platforms including the Android APK file. The free version of Treasure of Nadia can also be played online on Newgrounds.

If you want to download the latest version of The Genesis Order, then I suggest subscribing to the developer's Patreon. There you'll receive the most recent download links.


You play as William, a young and somewhat bored detective in the city of North Santiva, who is waiting for his big case to get his career going. When Charles Wilkes, a rich resident of the town, dies under mysterious circumstances, he senses his opportunity. As he investigates the murder, he quickly comes across familiar names: Madeline and the Eclipse Guild seem to have their fingers in the game again. We also come across other characters from Treasure of Nadia: Henry, Dina, and Tasha (and even her mother) play a role in the game again.

There are also many side stories. An old love story, a sexy streamer, and a sneaky sex virus make sure that we don't get bored.


Basically, The Genesis Order is a classic 2D role-playing game. There is an overview map of the city, on which you can navigate between the buildings of North Santiva. The current game state can be saved at any time without restrictions. There is also a well-organized inventory, a simple crafting system, and a mini-game for picking locks.

Additionally, in certain places we can find treasures which we can then turn into money. With the earned money we can renovate and decorate our house.

There are 12 sexy women with whom we can have sex in different ways. Once we get a woman's number in the game, we can call her up and invite her to our house for a naughty date. If we have renovated and decorated our house enough, the woman will like it and the date will be a success.

The Genesis Order Chloe

If a puzzle is too difficult for you or you just can't get any further, you can activate your oracle item. Then your guardian angel Arianna appears and gives you hints to continue playing.

Some of the dialogues are partially voiced. The many sex cutscenes are animated in 3d. There are visible day and night changes in the game. Also different weather can occur with rain and thunderstorms.

My Opinion on The Genesis Order

The developer once again proves his talent and delivers a worthy successor to Treasure of Nadia. The graphics, cutscenes, women, but also the story are of the usual high quality.

The Genesis Order Melissa

Since the content of the release I played was still rather small, I couldn't really dive into the story yet. But I see a lot of potential and I'm sure that there will be great things to come.

In the predecessor, Treasure of Nadia, I was particularly bothered by the tedious crafting system and inventory, as well as the imprecise pathfinding. To my delight, I could see that some improvements have been made here. You can now craft items from anywhere and the crafting recipes you find are collected. So you don't have to remember them anymore. The pathfinding has also been improved and feels much better now.

I really like the fact that you play a completely new story, but still meet characters and events from the previous game. The many side quests provide additional for variety.

All in all, The Genesis Order is a worthy successor to Treasure of Nadia. I am very curious to see how the story will continue.

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