Taste of Seduction

Taste of Seduction is a porn game rendered entirely in real time in 3d. Even the ingame sex scenes are rendered in real time and well animated. I have tested the public demo and am very excited about the graphics. As soon as a release with more content is available I will play the game again and update my review. According to the developers, they plan to release the first final version in a few months.

Reviewed Version Demo v0.2.1
Developer Global Games Network (Patreon)
OS Windows, macOS
Language English
Engine Unity

Download Taste of Seduction


There is a free demo version of the game with not much content yet. After about 30 minutes you are done with the story. If you want to play the current state of the game, it's best to follow the developers' Patreon page.


There isn't much of a story in the demo version of the game yet, but it seems to follow a known pattern: The protagonist, Devlin, is a young man whose father has just died. He now lives with his stepsister and stepmother. While cleaning out his father's office he discovers a mysterious bag in the safe. As a result, Devlin tries to find out what secrets his father had.

Taste of Seduction Lydia


It's a classic role-playing game: You get quests that you work on step by step, often over several days. So far, there have been tasks like cleaning the pool, ordering and installing car parts, joga with the stepsister, working on the computer and collecting items. Pool cleaning and joga were implemented as separate mini-games.

Taste of Seduction pool cleaning

Only a limited number of tasks can be solved per day, because Devlin gets tired quickly and wants to go to sleep. When he sleeps, the game is saved.

You have access to a cell phone in the game. With it you can receive messages, order things and play simple casino games to earn some money. Also, Devlin has his own website where you can upload secretly recorded videos. This way, the website continuously generates money. With the money you can buy parts for Devlin's not yet restored car.

Most of the conversations in Taste of Seduction are already voiced. The game is played from the first-person perspective.

My Opinion on Taste of Seduction

I liked a lot of what I played in the demo. The graphics of the game are great. The developers have put a lot of effort into the lighting and furnishing of the houses. The sex scenes are also impressive - even if there is a clear difference between them and pre-rendered scenes. The models are also animated in a lifelike way. The whole game looks very realistic to me.

Taste fo Seduction Keylee

Unfortunately, the story doesn't offer much yet. So far, it sounds a lot like a story I've heard and played in other games. But I am confident that there will be more to come.

What I didn't like were the mini-games. The yoga with the stepsister and cleaning pools were implemented somewhat without imagination. Fortunately, you could quickly skip it. Again, I hope the developers will rework this.

Taste fo Seduction joga with stepsister

I look forward to playing and reviewing the game again in a few months - hopefully with a bit more content then.

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