Sunrise City

If you like visual novels with varied gameplay, Sunrise City is the game for you. The game offers a turn-based combat system, a large skill tree, and an exciting story. Unfortunately, there's not much skin to see yet for a porn game.

Sunrise City
Reviewed Version 0.7.0c Public
Developer Sunrise Team (Patreon,
OS Windows
Language English, French
Engine Unity

Download Sunrise City


A free public version of Sunrise City can be downloaded here. You can get the latest version of the game if you follow the developer on Patreon.


You play as a less than successful Battle Section student from the prestigious Onyx Academy. At the moment it's vacations, but instead of having fun with your friends, you work to earn money. While working in the store you meet a nice red-haired girl who disappears a short time later. We quickly find out that the girl was kidnapped and try to free her. But it's not as easy as it seems. Redheaded women are systematically kidnapped by a not-so-unknown criminal group. You try to stop them and free the women - but it's harder than you think.

Sunrise City gameplay


Sunrise City offers a lot of diverse gameplay. Most of the game is played as a visual novel. During battles, the game switches to a turn-based battle mode. At crime scenes, an investigation mini-game comes into play. You look for clues and must afterwards answer questions about the crime scene.

Sunrise City turn-based battle

In the game, there are many nice women, which we can get to know. For date nights the dating mini-game is used. Here we have to choose the conversation topics cleverly so that our counterpart does not lose interest in us.

We also have access to a mobile phone with which we can track our progress and goals. In addition, we can contact other characters using the messenger app.

Sunrise City Lana

To improve our abilities there is a skill tree. For points, that you get during the game, you can improve certain characteristics.

Sunrise City ability tree

Items have not yet had to be searched for and collected - there is no inventory. The game can be saved at any point.

My Opinion on Sunrise City

Sunrise City feels very high quality to me. The gameplay elements work well together and the visuals are also absolutely fitting. The environments and characters are very nicely designed. The story is okay, but the tension was limited while I was playing.

The game doesn't offer much content yet, which would qualify it as a porn game. You get to see a few boobs here and there, but there's not much more at the moment. But I'm sure we'll see more with the next releases.

The current free public version of the game offers content for a little over two hours. Unfortunately, one is not informed when the demo is finished - there are suddenly no more missions. It took me a while to realize that I was through with the game.

Sunrise City

I can recommend the game to everyone, it has a lot to offer and is fun. I will continue to follow the game and look forward to the next releases.

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