SlutCraft: Heat of the Sperm

In SlutCraft: Heat of the Sperm you play as a sexy female soldier, betrayed by her allies and subsequently captured by alien Zerg. In captivity you initially feel like an object for the Zerg's entertainment and satisfaction, but you soon realize that it's about more than that. As time goes by, it is no longer clear to you who is the enemy and who is the ally.

SlutCraft: Heat of the Sperm
Reviewed Version 0.32
Developer Shadow Portal (Patreon,
OS Windows, macOS, Linux
Language English, Russian, Chinese
Engine RenPy

Download SlutCraft


SlutCraft is currently in development and can be downloaded for free. If you want to play the very latest version, you should follow the developer on Patreon.


You play a female Space Marine named Sarah Kerrigan. In the fight against the enemy Zerg, you are betrayed by your allies and captured by the Zerg.

SlutCraft: Sarah Kerrigan is stuck

You end up in a foul-smelling cell on a Zerg spaceship and want only one thing: to escape from this place as soon as possible. But first you have to win the trust of your guard. To achieve that, use all your charm and fulfill his perverted desires.

SlutCraft: Sarah Kerrigan and Stukov

During your stay on the Zerg spaceship, you start to change. You evolve from a loyal soldier to a sexy fighter who becomes increasingly sexually attracted to the Zerg. At the same time, you are less and less interested in escaping and become hungry for revenge against your former allies.


The SlutCraft porn game is a classic visual novel. Apart from the intro, most of the game takes place on the Zerg spaceship - mostly in your prison cell. There, you'll have different actions available every day, with which you'll be able to expand your abilities and thus advance in the story.

SlutCraft: Sarah Kerrigan attacked by tentacles

You also need to eat something every day. For this purpose, a tentacle is ready in your cell, which ejects a nutritious but also addictive slime. But in order to get the slime, the tentacle must be satisfied more and more intensively.

SlutCraft: Sarah Kerrigan eating from the tentacle

At certain points in the game you'll have to make decisions that will let you influence the further course of the game.

My Opinion on SlutCraft

There are a lot of things I like about SlutCraft. I think the story, the visuals, and even the music work well together. The feeling of being locked in space on a spaceship is delivered very well. The game starts out very limited with few possible actions and then quickly becomes more complex.

SlutCraft: Sarah Kerrigan masturbating

SlutCraft is still in development, but already offers some lewd content. The only thing I would criticize are the animations, which are sometimes a bit jerky and choppy. All in all, it's a good porn game that I would recommend to anyone who likes the monster/alien genre.

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