Innocent Witches

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter universe, but always feel that there is a lack of eroticism and sex? Then Innocent Witches is the game for you.

Innocent Witches
Reviewed Version 0.8.5 Beta
Developer Sad Crab (Patreon,
OS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
Language English, Russian
Engine RenPy

Download Innocent Witches


Innocent Witches can be downloaded for free in its current unfinished state. You can get the latest version by supporting the developer on Patreon or buying the game on


The story of Innocent Witches is set in the Harry Potter universe, but has little to do with the familiar stories.

You play as Marcus Redblack, the son of Tom Riddle. At the beginning of the game, you are locked up in Azkaban and have just received a visit from Petrius, the Minister of Magic. He forces you to give him insight into the memory of what you did. This leads to a flashback that lasts almost the entire rest of the game.

Innocent Witches Marcus Redblack in classroom

The flashback begins with you being summoned to Hogwarts one day by Dumbledor to take over the post of Head Medicus. You are excited and can't wait to examine the female students thoroughly. When you arrive at Hogwarts, you learn that Dumbledor has already had to leave and that you are now the Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts. This annoys you, because the job of a Headmaster is boring and you get to see fewer female students than you would like.

You start making plans to get a more exciting job as soon as possible. To do this, you'll have to do favors for many people at Hogwarts or help them in other ways.

When a student suddenly disappears and doesn't reappear, you know something strange is going on. You set out to solve the disappearance and find out who is involved.


Innocent Witches is a classic visual novel. Besides an inventory and an overview map, there is a logbook that documents your tasks and a sexy assistant that explains the game and gives you hints.

You can summon people to your office with invitations that you send with your owl. But this is only possible if you know their address. For example, you can order the house elf Dobby to your office to do or buy something for you.

Dobby charges you money for certain errands. You receive this money weekly as a reward for your work as the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Innocent Witches school uniform protest

The clock in your office shows the current time and date in the game. It also shows when you are visited by which person. Some events take place only at a certain time and sometimes only on a certain day of the week. You can perform only a limited number of actions per day. There is a visual day and night change in the game.

There are also a few simple mini-games that you have to complete occasionally to continue the story.

My Opinion on Innocent Witches

The game is very beautifully designed. Especially the backgrounds and characters are very coherent and intricately drawn. Everything fits well with a Harry Potter game.

The story is also well done and very extensive. A few familiar elements from Harry Potter were taken over and many new things were well integrated.

For Harry Potter fans, the game is clearly a must. For everyone else who is more interested in the lewd content than the story, I can only recommend the game to a limited extent. Because the lewd content has to be earned with a lot of effort. It took me over an hour to see the first boobies. But that's okay. The focus of the game is clearly on the story.

Innocent Witches

The game is not finished yet. More content will be added and the story will be expanded. Nevertheless, the game already offers enough content to have several hours of fun.

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