Hailey's Treasure Adventure

Hailey's Treasure Adventure is an entertaining jump-and-run game in which you'll search for treasures in dark caves. In the process, you'll be chased by ever-horny monsters.

Hailey's Treasure Adventure
Reviewed Version 0.4.5
Developer LAG Studio (
OS Windows, macOS, Android
Language English
Engine Unity

Download Hailey's Treasure Adventure


The game Hailey's Treasure Adventure is downloadable as a free demo version for Windows, macOS and also Android. The full version can be purchased cheaply at


You play as a young, well-formed woman named Hailey. While visiting your sister Annie, you are surprised by a strange man. He wants to marry one of you because your father can't pay back his gambling debts at his casino. Apparently, your father used you as collateral during his casino stays. You and Annie are somewhat disgusted with him and decide to pay off your father's debt yourself. The stranger agrees and gives you some time to do so.

Hailey's Treasure Adventure Intro

You also learn that your father has found a treasure. Unfortunately, the treasure is hidden somewhere in a cave to which only you and Annie have access. To find the treasure, you get a treasure map from the strange man. If you can bring him the treasure, your debt will be paid. Otherwise, you or your sister will have to marry him.


Hailey's Treasure Adventure is a jump-and-run game in which you control Hailey and find hidden keys and treasures in different, rather short levels. To move through a level, Hailey can run, jump, climb, mine and fight. When Hailey has found all the objects she needs, she can return to the starting point with Annie to finish the level.

You can equip various items that you find in the levels to get additional abilities. For example, you can blast away large boulders with dynamite or heal yourself with food during the game.

Hailey's abilities can be improved in the shop next to the starting point. For this you need money, which you get by mining gems. With the money you can also buy new sexy outfits for Hailey.

Hailey's Treasure Adventure Shop

Various enemies are waiting for Hailey in the levels. There are worms, bats, skeletons, spiders, zombies, and many more that lust after her. The enemies can be fought off with the pickaxe, our shoes or bombs from our equipment. If we don't succeed, the enemies have their fun with Hailey. Hailey can squirm to make the enemies let go of her.

Besides the in-game lewd content, you can also find some nice pictures in the game.

My Opinion on Hailey's Treasure Adventure

The game is entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot. The story is not necessarily the highlight of the game. But the graphics are overall decent and offer some variety. The characters' movements are animated very nicely. I also really like the lewd scenes with the enemies - there's a lot of variety here as well.

Hailey's Treasure Adventure Ingame

The low resolution of the graphics bothered me a bit while playing. Unfortunately, the graphics are not optimized for HD screen resolutions, so they quickly become pixelated.

The controls are ok, most things work fine. Only jumping away from a rope is a bit tedious.

Currently Hailey's Treasure Adventure is still in development and the developer is adding more content. I will continue to follow the game and look forward to the next release.

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