Goblin Layer

In the role-playing game Goblin Layer you play a metal helmet-wearing man with a strong goblin fetish. Your only goal: to wipe out all goblin nests through cuckoldry. You won't be distracted from this goal - not even by the hot village girls.

Goblin Layer
Reviewed Version 0.42.6
Developer Parodos (Patreon,
OS Windows
Language English
Engine Rpg Maker

Download Goblin Layer


Goblin Layer can be downloaded for free. If you want the very latest version of the game, you should follow the developer on Patreon.


As a goblin hunter named Goblin Layer, you have rescued a young priestess from the hands of the goblins (and traumatized her at the same time). The young priestess is very grateful to you and decides to accompany you in your fight against the goblins.

When the two of you stop in a nearby town, you learn that most of the town's men have mysteriously disappeared. You decide to investigate and set out on an adventure.

Goblin Layer having fun with female goblin

During your investigations, you keep coming into contact with goblins. However, your method of eliminating a goblin nest is always the same: you have fun with the female leader, while the male goblins have to watch. They will then die of their own accord from an overdose of cuckoldry.


Goblin Layer is a classic RPG Maker game. It uses the familiar combat and item system. There is an overview map where you can move around and visit individual towns and villages. In the villages you can buy items and equipment and get to new quests. The gameplay is often interrupted by short video sequences. These are mostly 3D animated lewd scenes.

Goblin Layer having fun with female goblin

My Opinion on Goblin Layer

Goblin Layer is a very entertaining and fun RPG Maker game. The story is well done and the lewd scenes are numerous and of very good quality. The battles with the familiar standard Rpg Maker battle system are a bit boring, but fortunately they can be skipped. Otherwise, I can recommend Goblin Layer to anyone who doesn't mind a bit of green skin. The game is still in active development and is therefore not yet fully completed.

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