Deep Vault 69

Deep Vault 69 is a visual novel in which you live and work in a bunker with many beautiful women deep under the earth's surface.

Deep Vault 69
Reviewed Version 0.1.0
Developer bohohon (Patreon,
OS Windows, Android
Language English, Russian
Engine RenPy

Download Deep Vault 69


Deep Vault 69 is free to download for Windows and Android.


In the intro, you learn that there has been a nuclear disaster on Earth. That's why you live now in a bunker deep underground with your sister - and probably for a long time. But that's not so bad, because in the bunker there is fresh food, clean water, power and even entertainment.

In the bunker, a test called GOAT determines what work you have to do. You've just passed the test and are partying with your friends afterwards. When you wake up the next day in the infirmary, you can't remember anything. Over time, however, your memories slowly return and you learn that you were assigned to explore the surface based on your exam results - just like your sister.

Deep Vault 69

This is the current state of the story. As soon as the game is developed further, the story will be continued.


Deep Vault 69 is a visual novel. You can freely move around the bunker on an overview map and explore the individual rooms and their inhabitants. You can only perform a limited number of actions per day, after which you'll have to go to sleep.

Deep Vault 69

With your Pipboy you can access your inventory and equip items like clothes or weapons. Equipped items give you an advantage in battles.

For fights against opponents there is a fight mini-game. Alternately, you and then your opponent perform actions. Most actions cause your opponent to lose life points. The first person to run out of life points loses the battle. The actions available to you are chosen randomly - you have three to choose from. Depending on your equipment, different actions are available to you.

Deep Vault 69 Fight

My Opinion on Deep Vault 69

I really like the story of Deep Vault 69 and life in the bunker with the hot women was fun. The graphics are of very high quality - especially the drawings of the characters.

Deep Vault 69

The combat system is also fun, as it's not too complicated and you quickly get to grips with it.

Deep Vault 69 is currently still in development, so it doesn't have much content yet. However, the game has already convinced me a lot and I'm eagerly waiting for the next release.

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