Confined with Goddesses

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to be locked in a mansion with four beautiful and busty women, then you shouldn't miss Confined with Goddesses.

Confined with Goddesses
Reviewed Version
Developer Eroniverse ( Patreon,
OS Windows, macOS, Android
Language English
Engine RenPy

Download Confined with Goddesses


A free public version of Confined with Goddesses can be downloaded here. There you can also find the free APK file for your Android device. You can get the latest version of the game if you follow the developer on Patreon.


We play as Ero, a student who still lives at home with his father and his extremely attractive but very hostile girlfriend. The game begins with a short prologue, in which all the important characters are briefly introduced. We also learn how they relate to our protagonist.

Confined with Goddesses main characters

First of all, there is Valerie, our father's girlfriend. She thinks very little of us and often lets us feel it. From insults to physical violence, we have to put up with a lot from her at first. That's why we have a strong dislike for her, despite her attractiveness.

Berry is our favorite teacher at school. We have a very good relationship with her and often talk to her about private matters. Ero spends a lot of time with her - even outside of school. She means a lot to us and we are her absolute favorite.

Berry has two daughters, Serena and Emma, who are both our age and also attend the same class as us. Emma doesn't care much for us and often calls us a loser. Her colleague Zoe doesn't like us either and often gives us a hard time.

Serena, however, takes pity on us and protects us. She also helps us improve our lives and works out with us at the gym. Over time, a good friendship develops between us and she becomes our only friend at school. She is very attractive, but unfortunately for Ero, she likes women. Nevertheless, she often gets very close to us physically.

Confined with Goddesses Ero and Serena

With the help of Serena and the workouts, we develop and become more attractive and a little more confident. This also catches Zoe's eye and that's why she wants to start a relationship with us. To everyone's surprise and annoyance, we go along with it.

The actual story of Confined with Goddesses starts when we visit Berry at her home. She lives with her two daughters in a villa. Her husband is often away on business and therefore rarely at home. Valerie is also there, undetected at first. She wanted to know where we were going and therefore followed us. Out of nowhere, a flying armed drone appears, informing us that due to a virus outbreak, everyone must be quarantined from now on. Anyone who does not comply will be shot.

So we have no choice but to isolate ourselves with the 4 charming ladies in the villa. This is the beginning of the game. In a confined space and with little privacy, we get closer to the women. Our attention and effort is rewarded, and we quickly get to see a lot of lewd content.


Confined with Goddesses is a visual novel with an interesting concept. Apart from the prologue, all the action takes place in the rooms of Berry's mansion. Depending on the time of day, Berry, Valerie, Serena and Emma are in a different room. To proceed with a woman's story you have to interact with her in the right room at the right time.

This isn't as hard as it sounds, because in the menu we can see which woman has to be approached in which room. We also have access to a map that shows the current location of each woman.

Confined with Goddesses Map

By interacting with a woman, we can increase our relationship level with her. The higher the level, the more lewd content we get to see. It's worth it :)

For some missions in the game you need to buy items or learn skills. For this purpose, we have a computer in the storage room of the villa. Ordered items are delivered the next day directly to the front door. We can also use the computer to work on our blog. The more we work on the blog, the more money we receive at the end of each day.

Confined with Goddesses Berry

Ero's night rest is often disturbed. Many of the women visit us at night and want to sleep with us. Also in the morning it happens that we wake up more pleasant than expected. Most of the lewd scenes are animated.

My Opinion on Confined with Goddesses

I had a lot of fun while playing Confined with Goddesses. The concept is refreshing and plays more varied than expected. Visually, the game has a lot to offer as well. The characters are beautifully and attractively drawn. There is quite a bit of lewd content for each woman. Some of it is really well animated.

The only thing that bothers me visually are the background graphics. These are mostly 3D renderings of decorated rooms with a cartoon filter. It doesn't look bad in general, but the style doesn't quite match the rest of the game.

I found the story very appropriate for this type of game and it's easy to follow despite the many distractions. The dialogs are pleasantly short, but still feel real. Despite the rather light story, there is one or two plot twists. But I won't tell you more about it :)

Confined with Goddesses Berry topless

However, there are a few small details that bothered me a bit. For one thing, the background music is sometimes a bit penetrating and not particularly appropriate in my opinion. Another detail is that in the online store on the computer is not displayed how much money you currently have. So you have to find out by trial and error if you can afford an item. But these are only details in an otherwise very nice and recommendable game.

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