Camp Mourning Wood

As punishment, you were sent to a camp for wayward girls called Camp Mourning Wood. Along with many hot women, you are the only male camper there. But what sounds like a fun summer quickly turns into a nightmare. Because you and the other campers are being hunted by creepy and aggressive monsters. Only you seem to be able to save the camp and the naughty campers.

Camp Mourning Wood
Reviewed Version
Developer Exiscoming (, Patreon)
OS Windows, macOS
Language English
Engine RenPy

Download Camp Mourning Wood


The game is currently still in development. The developer offers a free demo version of the game for download. If you want to play the current state of Camp Mourning Wood, you should follow the developer's Pateron page.


In Camp Mourning Wood you play a character called "El Presidente Junior", who, due to his behavior, has been sent by his father to an educational camp for wayward girls.

When you arrive at the camp, anything but a warm welcome awaits you. As soon as you enter the camp, it is attacked by a giant tentacle monster. With the exit of the camp now suddenly blocked, you have no choice but to hide in one of the huts of the camp. But the monster remains on your heels. While searching for a hiding place, you find a magically glowing old camera. As you reach for it, the whole spook is suddenly over. Everything abruptly seems normal again, and no one remembers the monsters - except you.

Camp Mourning Wood all female campers

A bit confused, you meet the camp counselor and the other campers. Together with the campers, you repair the camp's facilities over the next few days and get closer and closer to them.

But soon you realize that the haunting is far from over. Equipped with the magic camera, you try to uncover the secret of the camp and save the residents from the monsters.

Camp Mourning Wood monster attack


Camp Mourning Wood is a mix of creepy visual novel and dating simulation. During each day you can choose which camper you want to work with to fix the camp. In the evening, all the campers get together and have dinner. Thereby you get a little closer to the women and also learn one or another rumor in the camp. At night you can sneak out of your cabin. However, you have to be careful not to get caught by the camp guards.

The magic camera that you find at the beginning of the game is always with you. It can be used in any place and helps you make monsters visible. However, its battery runs out very quickly and there is only one way to recharge it: Lewd scenes.

Camp Mourning Wood sneaking at the river

To get closer to the women in the camp, you can either work with them during the day or go eat with them in the evening. Also, you can buy them a suitable gift at the camp store. The closer you get to them, the more lewd content you'll get to see from them.

The monsters in the game speak their own language. In the beginning, you don't understand any of it. Only by finding rune stones in the forest will you learn the individual words of the language.

My Opinion on Camp Mourning Wood

Camp Mourning Wood is a solid visual novel. The graphics of the characters and the environment of the camp are worth seeing.  The game's story makes a good impression so far. The creepy elements are well integrated into the otherwise cheerful camp life. Since the game isn't finished yet, it doesn't have much content yet. Nevertheless, the one or other lewd scene can already be seen.

Camp Mourning Wood

I'm curious to see how Camp Mourning Wood will continue and I'm already looking forward to the next release.

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