Breeding Farm

If you like breeding human-like monsters and don't mind participating, you'll have a lot of fun with Breeding Farm.

Breeding Farm
Reviewed Version 0.5.1
Developer Team Bieno (Patreon,
OS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
Language English
Engine Unity

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A free public version of Breeding Farm can be downloaded here. There you can also find the free APK file for your Android device. You can get the latest version of the game if you follow the developer on Patreon.


You regain consciousness on the beach, but you can't remember anything. You don't remember your name, where you came from, or where you were going. Somewhat confused, you meet Katelyn, a young woman who takes you in and cares for you.

Breeding Farm Katelyn and Rika

Katelyn lives and works with her mother, Rika, on a breeding farm. There they breed and sell monsters. You'll get to know Rika and learn how she runs the farm and that business hasn't been very good lately. The reason for this are restrictions and taxes imposed on the farm by the church and the kingdom.

Breeding Farm

You decide to help Katelyn and Rika breed monsters on their farm. In the process, you get closer and closer to the two women and have a lot of naughty fun with them.


Breeding Farm is a mixture of visual novel and breeding simulation. In order to earn money, monsters have to be bred and then sold. The monsters are very human-like creatures with small features of animals, such as cat ears, dog ears, elf ears, cow horns, etc. By these features the creatures are divided into different types (cat, dog, wolve, elve, etc.).

To breed monsters of a certain type, the first specimen usually has to be bought or otherwise obtained. After that, further monsters  can be bred. To do this, you select two of your monsters from the stable and have them mate. You can watch and see the process as an animation. Depending on which types of monster you combine, the whole thing runs differently.

Breeding Farm select monsters to breed

If you can mate monsters of different sexes with each other and have some luck, the mating was successful and you get a new monster. This monster is either of the same type as the father or the mother. With each mating, both monsters gain experience points that they can use to level up.

To earn money, you can sell your monsters. But you can only sell monsters for which there is a demand. This depends on the type, gender, and level of a monster. During the game the demand changes regularly. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have as many types of monsters as possible.

Monsters can have additional traits. For example, monsters become more fertile, bring more money, or earn more experience points. These traits can be passed on to the new monster during mating. By clever combination you can breed very efficient monsters. But be careful: there are also traits with negative effects. A list of all possible traits and their effects can be found here.

As the story progresses, you will come across other types of monsters, which you can then keep in your stable and breed. If you just want to play the story without breeding many monsters, I recommend you to use some cheat codes.

My Opinion on Breeding Farm

I'm not a Furry, but the fact that many monsters are very human-like still allowed me to enjoy Breeding Farm. The breeding mechanism is a lot of fun. By inheriting traits, you can breed strong monsters and exciting combinations can be created. With time, however, breeding becomes a bit monotonous - breeding offspring with better characteristics than the parents often takes a long time. The story is quite okay, the characters are very pleasant to look at, the lewd scenes are well animated and there are quite a few of them.

Breeding Farm Talia

From time to time it is a bit tedious to continue the story because you have to be at a certain place at a certain time. As a result, I often had to go to all the available locations until I found the right one to continue. There are a few bugs, but nothing that bothered me while playing.

Breeding Farm is a high-quality game that I can recommend to anyone who is not afraid of some furry content.

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